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Project Overview

Catalyst Public Schools, founded by two experienced charter school leaders, Amanda Gardner and Tatiana Epanchinbelieves that schools can be catalysts of community change when schools, families, and the larger community come together. They also believe that each and every one of their scholars has unlimited potential and that they are the leaders of today and the champions of tomorrow. After successfully applying to the Washington State Charter School Commission to open a charter school in Bremerton, WA, they reviewed a variety of potential facility possibilities and were ultimately able to negotiate a long-term lease with purchase option on a building in the Manette neighborhood in Bremerton.  


The building was originally built as a traditional public school in 1948 and consisted of a two-story structure (the “southern wing”). In 1957, a single-story wing on the eastern side of the property was added (the “eastern wing”). By the 1980s, the school had closed and the Navy started occupying the building and added a mezzanine to the southern wing. Then, in 2006 Discovery Church bought the property but only used the eastern wing for its operations so the southern wing was largely unoccupied and falling into disrepairWhen the church purchased the property, they had committed to maintaining the site for the community, therefore Catalyst made for a perfect partner to rehabilitate the building and maintain the property as a community asset. 


Construction was planned in two phases with Phase I commencing February, 2020 which included abatement and demolition as needed, new walls/doors to create twelve classrooms and several administrative spaces, new windows, upgrading the existing residential style kitchen to a commercial warming kitchen, upgraded fire/life/safety systems, new roof, new HVAC system, new lighting/controls and new finishes. Required site improvements included additional landscaping and fencing, upgrading an intersection with ADA ramps, and parking lot striping and directional signage. 


Catalyst expects to start construction on Phase II in February, 2022 when they will take over the remainder of the building and build out six additional classrooms and a new main entrance to accommodate the school’s full enrollment of 504 students.  


Catalyst: Bremerton

Catalyst Bldg
Catalyst Bldg 2
Catalyst Hallway
Catalyst Stairway
Catalyst Lobby
Catalyst Classroom
Catalyst Bldg Catalyst Bldg 2 Catalyst Hallway Catalyst Stairway Catalyst Lobby Catalyst Classroom
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1305 Ironsides Avenue, Bremerton, WA




Rice Fergus Miller

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Korsmo Construction

School Opening:

August 2020

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