Pinnacles Prep Phase I

Wenatchee, Washington


6 - 8



Completion Year


Project Details

Middle School

504 South Chelan Avenue
Wenatchee, Washington 98801

General Contractor
Cascade Central Construction

DOH Architects

Square Footage
15,000 on 2.2 acres

Project Overview

Pinnacles Prep is an existing charter public school in Wenatchee, WA which opened its doors to the first middle school students in August of 2021 at a leased facility. During its inaugural year, the school enrolled 60 students from Grades 6 and 7. It plans to add one grade level each year to achieve a full middle school enrollment of 180 students. Designed in response to a community-driven strategic plan “Our Valley, Our Future,” calling for future facing educational models that build leadership in ALL students in the Wenatchee Valley community, Pinnacles Prep provides students with the culturally responsive, rigorous, and supportive academic environment they need to become active participants in their own education and community.

Pinnacles Prep finalized a thirty-year facility lease agreement with the City of Wenatchee, that started on January 1, 2021, to lease the four buildings that currently make up the Wenatchee Community Center. With the support and grants from WCSD, the school secured consultation from the award-winning school design firm Fielding International. Through that consultation, Pinnacles Prep reimagined the site and proposed a three-phase campus vision. Phase IA included remodeling the current Community Center campus to accommodate the incoming grades 6 and 7; this work was completed prior to the launch of the school in 2021. Phase IB involves additional renovation and development of the existing Community Center campus with a specific focus on building out classroom capacity in the church building and remodeling the reception area. The majority of this phase of work will be funded through a $2.5M grant that has been awarded to the City of Wenatchee from the WA State Department of Commerce. WCSD is supporting this phase of the development with an unsecured loan to cover any remaining costs and provision of project management support. This phase of the project is set to be delivered in August of 2023. The final phase of development for the school will be the potential build out of a 240-student high school. This phase is still in its schematic design and is not anticipated for completion until 2024.