Rooted School Vancouver

Vancouver, Washington


9 - 12



Completion Year


Project Details

High School

10401 Northeast Fourth Plain Boulevard
Vancouver, Washington 98662

Rice Fergus Miller

Square Footage

Project Overview

Rooted School Vancouver is dedicated to forging pathways toward financial independence for its students. It empowers them to thrive in our rapidly evolving world and cultivate proficiencies in the most sought-after professional sectors. Graduating students can expect not only a job offer but also an acceptance letter from colleges. The school opens August 2023, welcoming its first class of 9th-grade students. Subsequent grades will be introduced annually, culminating in a high school community of 135 students.

During the fall 2021, Rooted School Vancouver successfully identified and secured a vacant building available for lease. This strategic move entailed a lease commitment spanning 10 years, with an optional extension of 3 years. The selected site is a freestanding two-story structure within a larger strip mall development, strategically situated within Rooted’s desired enrollment zone. The school leased the upper floor exclusively, a spacious area that can aptly accommodate their entire program. This floor was previously occupied by a YMCA daycare facility, making it a well-suited transition for its new role as a high school. The building’s layout, already partitioned into an entry/administration space, communal area, and appropriately sized classroom rooms—many equipped with sinks and some accompanied by attached restrooms—aligns seamlessly with the requirements of a high school setting.

Further enhancing its appeal, the building boasts private access to a small outdoor patio and open areas, complemented by ample parking facilities. Renovations have included minor wall reconfigurations to optimize the space for Rooted’s distinct program, replacement of preschool-height fixtures with adult-height toilets and sinks, incorporation of a convenient “heat and serve” kitchen, and selective cosmetic enhancements.